Los Angeles Parrot Head By-Laws


    1. Mission
    2. Charities
    3. Origins and Founders
    4. Officers, Qualifications, Terms of Office and Removal
    5. Committee Chairpersons
    6. Election Process
    7. Duties of Officers
      1. President
      2. Vice President
      3. Secretary
      4. Treasurer
      5. Director of Membership
      6. Director of Communication
      7. Director of Events/Charities
    8. Committees
      1. Marketing and Sponsorship
      2. Webmaster
      3. Director-At-Large
      4. Event Committees
    9. Membership Limit, Class of Members and Dues
    10. LAPHC Guidelines
    11. LAPHC Ticket Policy
    12. Approval of By-Laws and Revisions to By-Laws


The specific purpose for which the Los Angeles Parrot Head Club (LAPHC) was organized is to provide a variety of social activities for people who are interested in the music of Jimmy Buffett and the tropical lifestyle he personifies and to improve the general welfare of the community. LAPHC is committed to “Partying with a Purpose” and our purpose is to live while we are alive and leave this place a little better than the way we found it. LAPHC makes that difference in the community by charity contributions and volunteering hours for our charities’ benefit.
This LAPHC is a social club and is operated exclusively for pleasure recreation and similar non-profitable purposes within the meaning of Section 501 (c) (7) of the Internal Revenue Code. The LAPHC was incorporated on September 29, 2008 by the State of California as the Los Angeles Parrot Head Club and its corporation number is 3132975. The Federal Employee Identification Number is 37-1572142.

Recipient charities for the coming calendar year are selected by the Board of Directors for support on an annual basis. However, new entities may be added during the year should interest and resources allow.

The LAPHC was established on October 22, 1996 in accordance with the charter national Parrot Heads in Paradise, Inc. (PHIP). The LAPHC was created by individuals who wanted to form a social club for persons and perform environmental projects within their community.
The following eleven (11) Founding Members are individuals who were instrumental in the creation of the LAPHC:

Connie Andrews
Scott Andrews
Butch Kuflack
Mary Hamilton
Mike McLain
Bev McLain
Dan McLain
Judie Rich
Alan Rich
Cali Rich
Kelly Snyder

No other LAPHC member may become a Founder. No Founder may be removed from the LAPHC unless it has been deemed necessary by the remaining Founders.
• To be considered “Active”, Founders must: 1) pay annual membership dues; 2) attend the annual Board change over meeting (unless excused by current President); 3) attend and participate in at least two LAPHC phlockings a year and one charity fund raiser event a year.
• Active Founders are automatically eligible to purchase one (1) LAPHC Ticket for a Jimmy Buffett concert.
• Founders, whether Inactive or Active, are welcome at Officer Board Meetings.


The Officers shall comprise the Board of Directors. “Officers”, “Board of Directors”, and “Board” are synonymous for the purposes of the guidelines. The officers are President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, Director of Membership, Director of Communications and Director of Events/Charities.

Qualifications of Officers include the following: 1) possesses general experience and resources necessary for the position; 2) displays enthusiasm for the growth and development of LAPHC; 3) intends to be present at scheduled Board meetings and most phlockings; 4) be a member in good standing of LAPHC for 6 months from the time of assuming office.

Term of service is two years. The President, Secretary, Director of Membership and the Director of Events/Charities shall commence on January 1 of even numbered years and end two years later on December 31. The term of the Vice President, Treasurer and Director of Communications shall commence on January 1 of odd numbered years and end two years later on December 31.

Term Limits: Officers may be re-elected an unlimited number of times.
An Officer may be removed from office by a vote of two-thirds (2/3) of the Board. The Officer who is subject to removal does not have a vote. Reasons to remove an Officer include but are not limited to failure to fulfill job duties, failure to participate in Board meetings, or failure to support the LAPHC.


Committee Chairpersons are responsible for developing ideas for charitable events, opportunity drawings, LAPHC phlockings, LAPHC history and promotion. Committee Chairpersons are approved by the Board. Term of service is from January 1 through December 31 in the year following the election. There are no term limits for Committee Chairpersons, but every effort must be made to allow new volunteers the opportunity to serve.


A. Election Officer

In September of each year, the Board will ask the membership, and others, if necessary, for volunteers to act as Election Officer for the annual election process. Volunteers must be a member of a Parrot Head Club in good standing but not necessarily members of the LAPHC. The Board will then select the Election Officer for that year by majority vote. The duties of the Election Officer include but are not limited to the following:
1. Oversees the election process and make necessary communications.
2. Prepares the nomination form and official ballot for the election.
3. Receives the nominations from the members and confirms the nominees’ qualifications; and verifies that each nominated person agree to be on the ballot.
5. Prepares the ballot for Board approval and may electronically mail it to members after approval. The ballot shall be a listing of each nominee in alphabetical order by position.
6. Receives and preserves the ballots from members, tallies the vote and keeps the ballots available until thirty (30) days after the election in case needed for a re-count or to resolve any contest of the ballot process.
7. Informs the President of the progress of the election process.
8. Reports the results of the election to the President and Board at the end of the voting period.

B. Nomination of Candidates for Board Officers

Each year on October 1 the nomination period of candidates for officers for the following calendar year will be opened.
Each nomination must be in writing (e-mail meets this requirement). A current Officer shall be considered nominated unless that Officer chooses not to run and informs the Election Officer during the nomination period.

On October 31 of each year, the nomination period will end.

The Election Officer will verify that each nominee is a member in good standing and meets the six month requirement and will notify each newly nominated member to determine if he/she is willing and able to run for the office position. If a nominated person chooses to run, he/she will be identified on the ballot for the election.

If an Officer holding an office that is not up for election and chooses to run for an office that is open for election, then that Officer may run for the open office without resigning his/her present office. If that Officer wins election for the open office, that Officer must resign his/her present office effective December 31 of that year. The vacant office will then be filled by the Board as provided for in these by-laws.

Prior to the election, the Board shall approve the ballot.

C. Election of Officers

Each year in November, election of officers for the following calendar year will occur.
In the event there are positions not contested, the ballot process shall be deemed unnecessary for those positions. After the Board is advised and approves the election process, the Elections Officer will notify the general membership of the results of the election.
In the event there is more than one nominee for a Board office, the election process will continue. The election process shall be conducted by electronic ballot for distribution to a list of eligible LAPHC members derived from the official Membership Roster. Each LAPHC member may vote for one person for each Board position. Returned election forms shall be identified with the LAPHC member’s name and the nominee’s name and returned to the Election Officer (e-mail meets this requirement).
On November 30 of each year, the election process will end and all ballots must be in the hands of the Election Officer at that time.
The Election Officer will tally the ballots and ensure there is no more than one ballot per LAPHC member has been cast. The Election Officer will notify the Board of the election results. The tally will be announced in a timely manner and communicated to all LAPHC members.
In the event a Board position remains vacant at the end of the nomination period or if a position becomes vacant during the year, the Board shall select a member in good standing for the position by majority vote.


A. President: This is a non-voting position but is empowered as a tie breaker vote when needed. Duties include but are not limited to the following:

Leads and coordinates LAPHC operations, delegates duties and management of LAPHC operations.
Receives report status and progress from LAPHC Officers pertaining to LAPHC affairs.
Serves as liaison with PHIP by reporting LAPHC actions and activities as required by PHIP.
Acts as primary PHIP email and postal contact, distributes info to appropriate Officers/Chairpersons.
Ensures observance of LAPHC and PHIP guidelines and By-Laws.
Initiates and maintains communication with other Parrot Head Clubs.
Coordinates and manages duties of Officers and Chairpersons.
Leads Board Meetings and ensures that all Meetings are held on time and begin with a basic overview of LAPHC business.
Provides President’s Column to Editor of Lost Shaker.

B. Vice President: This is a voting position. Duties include but are not limited to the following:

To assume the President’s office should the President be unable to complete his/her term. In the event the Vice President assumes the office of President, he/she does not have a vote except in the event of a tie vote.
Presides at LAPHC or Board Meetings if the President is unable to attend.
Provides support and coordination for Committees.
Provides regular status report(s) on LAPHC events to Lost Shaker Editor, as requested.
Audits the Treasurer’s books annually at the beginning of the calendar year. In the event the Treasurer from the preceding year is elected to Vice President, the President will assign this responsibility to another Officer.
May perform additional duties in all areas of LAPHC activities as requested by the President.

C. Secretary: This is a voting position. Duties include but are not limited to the following:

Archives LAPHC documentation and literature including correspondence between LAPHC Officers.
Records Minutes at each Board Meeting and makes them available for Board review prior to the next meeting. If unable to attend, shall advise the President who will make arrangements with another Board Member to take Board Meeting Minutes.
Ensures LAPHC Guidelines and documents are available for inspection at all LAPHC and Board Meetings.

D. Treasurer: This is a voting position. Duties include but are not limited to the following:

Acts as financial Officer of LAPHC.
Maintains a LAPHC checking account bearing the name of Los Angeles Parrot Head LAPHC.
Collects and deposits LAPHC Funds from Events.
Preparation of monthly or as-needed financial status reports for presentation at Board Meeting. Report to include Income/Expense Statement, Balance Sheet and Cash Disbursement Journals.
Makes reimbursements of approved expenses in a timely manner.

E. Director of Membership: This is a voting position. Duties include but are not limited to the following:

Organizes and maintains Member information as supplied on LAPHC application forms as well as updates provided throughout the year.
Devises and implements plans to recruit new members.
Meets and greets new members at all LAPHC events and phlockings.
Maintains contact with LAPHC members to ensure all e-mail addresses, home addresses and pertinent member information is current and forwards changes to Director designated to maintain the LAPHC roster and e-mail list.
Coordinates the design and printing of new member application and membership renewal forms, member certificates and annual identification laminates, including, special event and phlocking laminates, when needed.

F. Director of Communications: This is a voting position. Duties include but are not limited to the following:

Periodically prepares and electronically disseminates LAPHC information to LAPHC members on LAPHC activities.
Responsible for production of LAPHC literature. Develops and/or maintains uniform theme in presentation of the LAPHC to the public. :
Coordinates with President and appropriate Directors to create press releases and communications with the media for LAPHC advertisements to ensure quality and LAPHC Guidelines are not violated.
Oversees Webmaster.
Coordinates with Editor of Lost Shaker and LAPHC Historian for photographs, artwork and related documentation for LAPHC newsletter and website.

G. Director of Events/Charities: This is a voting position. Duties include but are not limited to the following:

Coordinates special events, promotions and phlockings.
Researches current and potential charities and makes recommendations to the Board of Directors.
Appoints members to assist with phlockings and special events; tracks “points” and reports Committee member points to Membership Director.
Works with the President on the coordination of multi-LAPHC events.
Maintains correspondence with charities and potential charities.
Organizes and directs charitable activities.


Committee Chairpersons are not Board positions. It is important they display enthusiasm for the growth and promotion of LAPHC, and possess general experience and resources necessary for their position. General duties include but are not limited to the following:
Solicits Team Volunteers where warranted and manage tasks delegated to said Team.
Conducts applicable research and coordination of time, date and place of the event, materials needed donations, prices, etc.
Coordinates with appropriate Officer(s), applicable Committee Chairperson(s) and with other LAPHCs.
Ensures that appropriate Point recognition is reported to the Treasurer for Members on the Team.

A. Marketing and Sponsorship Committee: Duties include but are not limited to the following:
Develops relationships with community and corporate sponsors that are conducive to the growth of LAPHC. All aspects of this position shall guarantee that any marketable goods and/or terminology shall not be in conflict with the Jimmy Buffett Organization or applicable law.
Acts as primary contact for all outside sponsors and businesses who wish to promote a product or service to the Membership.
Reports to President with requests from potential advertisers and coordinates project one Board approval has been secured.
Coordinates with Director of Communications for appropriate mention of support from Sponsors, preparation of press releases and interaction with the Media.
Maintains inventory of donated promotional materials from Sponsors to be used for fundraising Activities and LAPHC Promotion.

B. Webmaster: Duties include but are not limited to the following:
Creates and maintains the LAPHC website. Creativity and independent thought are encouraged in creation of the site but it is imperative that the Webmaster adhere to LAPHC theme and mission, and maintain continuity of “look and feel” between all LAPHC literatures.
Reports to the President and Director of Communications for revisions and corrections.
Maintains current back-up files of all documents located on the server and coordinates graphics, photos, and LAPHC literature with Director of Communications.
Exercises access privileges to LAPHC’s ISP account and any support space- serving accounts for purposes of maintaining and updating site.
Handles site promotion and registration with search engines and various linked sites.

C. Director-At-Large: Appointed by the Board to work on special project as designated by the President.

D. Event Committees: All Event Committee Chairs report directly to the Vice President. Responsibilities include but are not limited to the coordination of details of individual events for the LAPHC web page, Lost Shaker and to the Director of Communications for transmission to the general membership.


Membership is available to any individual who has an interest in Jimmy Buffett’s music, writings and lifestyle and who has expressed a desire to participate in charitable and environmental projects within their community. Membership of the LAPHC is limited to one thousand and one members (1,001). There is only one class of membership.
Dues amounts are set by the Board and are paid on an annual basis for the calendar year, January 1 to December 31. Members who join after October 1 of the preceding year will be considered paid for the following year. Failure to renew a membership will result in the member being dropped from the membership role. Members are strongly urged to keep their contact information current by advising the Director of Membership.


Voting privileges are extended to any individual who joins and is a member in good standing member of LAPHC.

LAPHC Board meetings will be held at a designated location, as directed by the President. The location shall provide easy access to the majority of LAPHC Members. Members-Hosted Board meetings shall be reviewed on a case-by-case basis by the Officers. Notification to the Membership of the Board meeting location may be made at least one week in advance of the meeting, and include directions to said location.

Use of the Los Angeles Parrot Head LAPHC name and/or logo may not be used, copied, printed, transmitted electronically or otherwise displayed without express written permission of the Board of Directors.

LAPHC logo will be reviewed and updated as deemed necessary and appropriate by the Board of Directors. Any update or revision to the LAPHC Logo must remain in concept with the original LAPHC logo. An approved candidate for new logo design shall be implemented by majority vote of the Board.

Outside business practices that make use of the LAPHC active or inactive mailing list must have the express written approval of majority of the Board of Directors.

LAPHC membership for any individual member involved in or whose business entity is found to be involved in any legal actions with Jimmy Buffett’s Organization and/or its entities will be suspended from membership and prohibited from attending LAPHC Meetings, Phlockings, or Events.

Any LAPHC member involved in the sales and/or distribution of illegal items bearing material copyrighted or reserved by Jimmy Buffett shall cease and desist immediately. One verbal warning and Suspension Notice will be issued by the Board of Directors. Should such activities continue, LAPHC Membership, including any accrued points, rights and status, shall terminate immediately. Reinstatement as a New Member can occur by majority vote of Board of Directors after the individual has demonstrated discontinuation of the activities.


Ticket Policy is set by Parrot Heads in Paradise, Inc. and any conflict between this section and PHIP policy, the PHIP policy prevails.
There is no guarantee that Jimmy Buffett will perform a concert in Southern California. Should there be a concert, there is no guarantee the LAPHC or any other PHIP affiliated LAPHC will be offered the privilege of obtaining LAPHC Group Seating Tickets for the concert(s).
No more than two tickets maximum will be made available per each paid member. Household memberships are eligible for two tickets and single memberships are eligible for two tickets, provided that the person be a member of an officially sanctioned Parrot Head Club uses the second ticket. In the event that there are 4 active members in a household, provisions will be made by the local LAPHC President for additional disbursement of tickets to these members.
No person with LAPHC dues in arrears may be eligible to purchase LAPHC tickets. Members who belong to multiple Parrot Head Clubs may purchase tickets from only one (1) Parrot Head Club, and must designate which club prior to LAPHC’s acceptance of Member’s ticket payment.
Final eligibility may be determined by accumulation of LAPHC Points per member. In that case, tickets are offered in descending order, beginning with the Member who has accumulated the most points. In the event of members having equal points, eligibility will be further determined by lottery.

Point System: The Ticket Point System was established to ensure fairness to all Members. A wide variety of options are available to earn points.

Points Are Earned As Follows:
1. Active Founders Eligible
2. Actively Serve as an Officer Eligible
3. Chair a Committee 10 Points
4. Committee Team Member 1-5 Points
5. Phlocking Attendance 1 Point
6. Collection Bin Donation ($$/Food/Toys/Etc.) 1 Point (Maximum: 1 donation point per member/event)
7. Write Article for Newsletter 5 Points (Other than Board Member)
8. Provide materials (Photos, Clippings, Paper Stock, Etc.) for scrapbook or newsletter 1 Point
9. New Member Introduction 2 Points
From time to time, the Board of Directors may offer additional points as an incentive to attend a certain event.


The LAPHC By-Laws and any subsequent revisions to the By-Laws will be approved by the members in good standing of the LAPHC by the following process. The first step is approval by a simple majority of the Board. The By-Laws will then be made available to the members by email and posted on the LAPHC’s website. There will be a 14 calendar day “review and modify period” for members in good standing to file written opposition to any section of the By-Laws. The President/Board will notify all members of any opposition to sections. If 5 members oppose a specific section, it is their responsibility to draft revised language and submit that language to the President/Board by the end of the 14 calendar day “review and modify period”. The Board will then provide both versions for vote by the general membership, unless the Board adopts the opposition’s version.

If 5 members cannot agree on revised language, then their opposition will not be acted upon by the Board.
If no opposition to the By-Laws is presented to the President/Board by the end of the “review and modify period” then the By-Laws will be deemed approved by the general membership and become effective immediately.

Date of approval by the Board: December 10, 2008

Date sent to General Membership: December 10, 2008

Date posted on website: December 10, 2008

Date of any changes submitted by Members, which were approved by the Board: December 15, 19 and 24, 2008

Date of approval by Membership December 24, 2008.

The approval process is attested to by Robert Plasky, President.

End of By-Laws