Tuesday, September 2, 2014

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Below is a partial list of upcoming events. SSOTM means Second Saturday Of The Month, which is when we have most of our regular Phlockings (parties)

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August 26
Rob Mehl and Gil Orr House Concert at Kivinski's
August 26
Sept 13 Phlocking in Catalina

Join us for a fun-filled cruise. Destination: Avalon—with bar crawl, free time, dinner and lots of PHun with PHriends on your own Island!

"Sept 13 Phlocking in Catalina"
August 26
Last Man Standing Oct 17 Las Vegas

 Early registration is now closed for Last Man Standing 2014. It will be on Friday, October 17 from 5:00 p.m. until the Last Man is Standing. Registration price is now $50.

"Last Man Standing Oct 17 Las Vegas"
August 4
Buffett Concert Vegas tickets

Oct 18th and 25th, 2014

"Buffett Concert Vegas tickets"
August 4
Doo Dah Parade in Pasadena