Board of Directors

Meet Your Board of Directors:

President: Justin “Felix” Neely

Hello PHriends and PHamily!It will be my honor and privilege to serve as President of the Los Angeles Parrot Head Club for the next year and a half-ish (maybe longer!). I will do my best to lead the Club through some of our best times yet.

I will be meeting with Club Leadership in the next few days to get an idea of the “state of the union”. Afterward, I look forward to being able to announce plans for the remainder of the year, including our beloved Holiday Party in December.

We might be trying out some new things in the coming months, and I’ll need your constructive feedback. I hope to be able to increase the active membership, especially when it comes to putting in “sweat equity” for our charities.

I will be working with the other members of the Board to find a time and place to hold Board meetings, and hope that all Club Members will feel welcome to attend. If you have ideas or concerns, please feel free to contact me at

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much” ~ Helen Keller

Party with a Purpose,
Justin “Felix” Neely

Vice President: John Rogers

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Secretary: Cindy Goodale

Bio and photo coming soon!

Treasurer: Melinda Kivinski

I’ve been a member of LAPHC since 2007 and I am Club Treasurer for several years now.  I write the checks going out to our Club charities which was mainly why I joined. I’ve held charity causes close to my heart for as long as I can recall and helping others has always been important to me. My passion is walking half marathons for a “Purpose” so I walk with friends anytime I can. I’m married to Bill (he’s that guy who writes emails about Tiki All Stars and other events he holds dear); we have two children (grown now) and I’m a proud grandma! My babies at home are three Yorkshire terriers which are a great deal more work than raising my own kids!Presently I’m working 60-hour weeks during tax season so I’m not living the carefree tropical life of a Parrot Head I love so much, but when things change I’ll be back on the party circuit, enjoying the Parrot Head events. I believe I know most of you, but if you see me at a PHlocking, come on by and say hello. I’d love to meet you!!

Directors of Membership: Sue Mount & Ann Marie Wotkyns

SUE: I’m pleased to be your Co-Membership Director and current reigning PHOTY (Parrot Head of the Year 2017!). I have a lot of enthusiasm for this club and it’s members, and I’m happy to tackle the membership director duties for the next couple of years with the help of my bestie, Anne Marie. If I don’t already know you, please introduce yourself at the next Phlocking and we can talk about any of my many passions including Roller Derby (former player) weight lifting (current power lifter) and of course, music – a passion we all share in this club! My motto: Always be yourself … an if you can’t be yourself … be a unicorn!

ANN MARIE: Bio and photo coming soon!

Director of Events: Robin Neely

A fondness for all things Jimmy Buffett and tropical was the first thing Felix and I had in common when we met all those years ago. I’ve been listening to “Cheeseburger” since I was in diapers and still sing the chorus with glee. It is my pleasure to represent LAPHC as Communications Director and will do my best to have information to you in a timely fashion.

I am proud to represent LAPHC as the Events Director and welcome any ideas and assistance you may have to give! It takes a village to run a great club!

Director of Charities: Pam Hammer

Party with a Purpose!

“The world is hungry for goodness and recognizes it when it sees it…When we glimpse it in people we applaud them for it. We long to be just a little like them. Through them we let the world’s pain into our hearts and we find compassion…
Desmond Tutu

I’m a native Angeleno (yes, the South Bay counts) and love that LAPHC does
a variety of charity work all over L.A. county. IMHO, for me, its pretty
important to give back to your community and take care of the environment.
Combine that with the laid back island lifestyle that we parrotheads love
and well it’s the perfect storm for me! I joined LAPHC in 2006 and have
done 2 terms on the Board as your Membership Director… which BTW was a
ton of fun getting to know you all. During that time I was INSPIRED by my
parrothead family here in L.A. You are PASSIONATE about animals, children,
your country, the mountains, the desert, the sea, and you will not stop in
your fight against cancer & alzheimer’s. You Party with a Purpose and I am
looking forward to fun times with you as you continue to inspire our club
with all of your charity projects! Let’s do this!

Communications Director: Frances Nicolais

I’ve been a Tropical Rock fan since high school (sometime back in the 1970’s) and it’s still one of my favorite styles of music. Being a member of the LAPHC allows me to combine my love of this music with another passion – providing for those in need, whether animals, children, country, mountains, desert, ocean and those less fortunate. I’m looking forward to my first board position with LAPHC and ask that everyone have patience as I learn my duties! I’ve been a total computer nerd also since the 1970’s, so hopefully, this board position will just be a basic learning experience for what everyone needs to communicate with the rest of the club and it’s members.

Photo coming soon!